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Low level pick up tubes

The low level pick up tubes allow you to distribute up to three dosing units from one chemical drum. When connected to the BrightLogic alarm system they will sound a buzzer when the chemical reaches a critically low level.


Technical Specifications

Options 15" for 2 gal (10L) drum (2 supply tubes)
18" for 5.5 gal (25L) drum (3 supply tubes)
29"1/2 for 13 gal (60L) drum (3 supply tubes)
43" for 44 gal (200L) drum ( comes with 3 supply tubes)
Enclosure Polypropylene casing
PVC tube (8 x 14mm reinforced)
Dimensions 15"
Accessories 6mm x 8mm tube connectors

8mm x 8mm tube connectors

10mm x 8mm tube connectors

Installation schematics

Installation schematics

Available media for download