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ECOMULTI COMPACT 5  Product DispenserECOMULTI 5  Product Dispenser

ECOMULTI COMPACT 5 Chemical Dispenser

ECOMULTI COMPACT is a proportioner that can dilute up to five chemicals from one dispenser. Connected to the water mains, this chemical dilution system is suitable for combining low-flow (4L/min) and high-flow (14L/min) applications for use with spray bottles, buckets or scrubber dryers.

Choose to deliver chemical from a hanging bracket which supports up to 5L containers or consider installing safe and secure chemical cabinets that are suitable for 1.5L pouches and 2L bottles. The pouch system's optional pin positions are ideal for the exclusive distribution of chemicals. Developed using Brightwell Dispensers' patented dilution technology, the revolutionary wheel design replaces the need for metering tips and allows installers to select up to 13 specific dilution ratios per chemical.

ECOMULTI COMPACT comes with colour-coded, multi-lingual pictograms as standard in sets of blue, red, yellow, green and transparent to promote safe cleaning practice and aid easy identification of chemical concentrates.

ECOMULTI COMPACT is available with BrightGap and Airgap backflow preventers to meet ASSE 1055B standards.

Contact Brightwell today to learn more about ECOMULTI COMPACT and its availability.




  • Ideal for combining low flow (4L/min) and high flow (14L/min) applications (click for image)
  • Easier installation with built-in spirit level and a multitude of mounting holes (click for image)
  • Flexible design enables chemical to be delivered from side or bottom inlets
  • Patented dilution technology offering precise dilution ratios (click for image)
  • Intuitive 4 dial product selector with haptic click to avoid chemical selection error (click for image)
  • Colour-coded pictograms to aid identification of correct cleaning chemical and use (click for image)
  • Optional hanging brackets available to keep chemicals off-the-floor
  • Safe and secure chemical cabinet available for 1.5L pouch &  2L bottle (click for image)
  • Chemical exclusivity option for pouch system (click for image)
  • Unit and cabinet rings available in various colours (click for image)
  • Branding available

Technical Specifications

product dimensions weight material capacity
ECOMIX unit 14" x 3 3/4" x 6"
Button extends to max 6"
1.5 lbs Polypropylene basing,
Glass-filled polypropylene cover,
Acetal valve,
EPDM seal
(WRAS approved materials)
Suction from any size container
Hanging bracket available for 1 - 2.5 gal
Cabinet available
Cabinet 13" x 6 3/4" x 6 1/2" 1.3 lbs Polypropylene basing,
Glass-filled polypropylene cover
(WRAS approved materials)
90oz container or 50oz pouch
Exclusivity option on pouch system (pin positions)

Shot size Color options max branding box size
(H x W x D)
carton qty pallet qty
Low flow:- 2:1 - 190:1
High Flow: 5:1 - 500:1
Cover ring: grey as standard
Available in blue, green, red, black, yellow
1 1/4" x 1 3/4" 1.5" x 1" x .6"
6 54
Cabinet ring: grey as standard
Available in blue, green, red, black, yellow
1 1/4" x 1 3/4" 6 (unit with cabinet) 60 (unit with cabinet)



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