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Nexus App – Editing the Unit Configuration

Creating the Unit Configuration

Unit Mode

After connecting to a unit (If you have not done this yet, please refer – Connecting to your Nexus Unit) you change the units Mode, use the Mode check boxes at the top of the left hand column to switch between Standard Mode, Relay Mode, Levels Mode and Hot-Cold Mode.

Chemical Profile

Next you can allocate the Customer Chemical Profile (If you have not done this, please refer – Creating a Chemical Profile) for the unit. This will allocate the chemical names and costs to the pumps below.

Pump Speed, Calibration and Unit of Measurement

In the next section you can edit the Pump Speed with the drop down menu located next to the pump number. The text box next to this allows you to manually enter the Calibration Value for the pumps. Finally, you can change the Unit of Measurement for the setup using the small box in the top right.

Program Reset Settings

The first section in the middle column allows you to set the Reset Settings for the unit. You can modify the Delay Time, change if the unit resets on an Input or on the Last Pump Run. You can also select if it resets to a set program or a blank program.

Auto Formula Select Settings

You can now edit the Auto Formula Select settings for the unit. You have access to Timed Mode, Timed Mode + and Binary Mode for your setup. For Timed Mode & Timed Mode + the multiplier effects the program selected based on the length of the signal and the Multiplier set. As seen below:

Multiplier 1 = 1 second signal for program 1
Multiplier 1 = 2 second signal for program 2
Multiplier 2 = 2 second signal for program 1
Multiplier 2 = 4 second signal for program 2
Multiplier 3 = 3 second signal for program 1

For Binary Mode you can modify the Setup Time.

View Mode/Prime Mode and Pump Stop Mode

To enable or disable the View Mode, Prime Mode or Pump Stop Mode

Scale Machines & Wash Programs

If you need to Scale a wash program for a different sized machine, you can do this with the following menu.

Signal Acceptance Time

To change the Signal Acceptance Time, edit the following box.

Manifold Settings

You are able to Assign the Manifolds to the desired pumps using the check boxes, change the Flush Settings and set a Flush Time.


To add notes to the machine, use the text box provided and press the + Pen icon to save.

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