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Nexus – Formula Select

Auto Formula Select


Formula Select – Pump Stop Mode

Step 1

From the main screen, press the PUMP STOP MODE button.

Step 2

Press the MIDDLE button to switch a pump ON or OFF. The UP and DOWN arrows will scroll through the
available pumps.

Formula Select – Priming the Pumps

Step 1

From the main screen, press & hold the PRIME button on the Formula Select for two seconds. This will open

Step 2

Use the UP and DOWN arrows to select the pump you wish to PRIME. Then PRESS and HOLD the MIDDLE button.

Step 3

The selected pump will PRIME as long as the MIDDLE button is held.

Formula Select – Select a Program

Step 1

From the main screen, use the UP and DOWN arrows to highlight the program you wish to run. When you are
happy with the selection, press the MIDDLE button to lock the program in.

Step 2

Once the program is locked you will see the STARS surrounding the name to confirm.

Formula Select – Cancel Program

Step 1

After a program has been LOCKED IN you can CANCEL this by holding both the UP and DOWN arrows
on the keypad for 3 seconds.

Step 2

Once unlocked, the stars will disappear from around the program name. You can now change the program.

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