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Quantura Q10+

Q10+ with Remote Dose

Quantura Q10+ Remote Dose is Brightwell’s new single peristaltic pump system for dosing one chemical to top load laundry units.

Easy installation and configuration with reliable tube fittings make this system the ideal dosing solution.


  • Compact design
  • Full load and half load button activation
  • LED’s to indicate pump status:
    green - full load wash
    yellow - half load wash
    blue - in prime mode
    red - unit is locked
  • Adjustable lock out time (2-60 minutes), red LED light illuminates when locked out to prevent overdosing
  • Adjustable full load run time (1-180 seconds)
  • Adjustable pump delay time (0-20 minutes), LED light flashes to indicate that it is in delay mode
  • Optional prime feature
  • The Q10+ can work in timed, speed, remote dose and probe mode
  • Easy fit, plug and play handset with 16 ft cord
  • Relay mode operation when the handset is not connected
  • Includes full installation kit



Technical Specifications

Product Q10+
Motor 24V DC
Installation Kit Installation kit included
- Foot filler with filter mesh
- Tubing
- A ceramic weight
- Cable ties
Dimensions H 3 3/4"
W 3 1/2"
D 4"


Available media for download