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Our Myriad soap & paper dispensers are also available in black version

30 October 2019

Our Myriad line of soap and paper dispensers comes not just in white but also in a smart and practical black version, allowing you to stand out and add a bit of style to any washroom.

With our white and black dispenser variants and window options, you have more choices and can choose the colour of the dispenser depending on the application and customer requirements.

The Myriad line includes soap, hand towel and toilet tissue dispensers and a waste bin, so you can accessorise your whole washroom with matching units.

These stylish dispensers come with a variety of design options to make them truly unique to your brand. Thanks to their colour and smooth surface for easy maintenance, they are also suitable for places with a high footfall e.g. stadiums, garages, gyms, petrol stations.

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