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Touch-free dispenser available now

15 January 2021


Available NOW!

Our US manufactured C3 touch-free bulk fill hand sanitizer dispenser is available for delivery now!

Touch-free dispensers are currently hard to obtain during the COVID-19 pandemic and with businesses gradually opening their premises, it is important to have hand sanitizing stations available to help reduce infection and cross contamination across facilities.

At Brightwell Dispensers we have reacted to the demand and increased our production facilities and developed our C3 touch-free soap and hand sanitizer dispenser. This dispenser is built in the USA and is ideal to support the fight against COVID-19. The dispenser comes with a 2-year warranty.

The C3 touch-free unit dispenses 1ml of sanitizer and has a 1.2L bulk fill refillable reservoir which makes it easy to refill from a 1 gallon container. The C3 dispenser gives you a precise hygienic dispensing solution and you do not have to use a manual jug pump.

You can combine our C3 dispenser with one of our floor or table top stands, making hand sanitizer easily available across your premises and help support the fight against COVID-19.

Key Features of our C3 Touch-Free Dispenser

  • High quality with a 2-year warranty
  • Touch-free mechanism encourages the highest in hand hygiene
  • Dispenses up to 1ml liquid
  • Refillable reservoir for 1.2L
  • Compatible with our table top stands and floor stands



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