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Autocut Hand Towel DispenserAutocut Hand Towel DispenserAutocut Hand Towel DispenserAutocut Hand Towel Dispenser

Autocut hand towel dispenser

The Modular Autocut hand towel dispenser is ideal for environments where hygiene is paramount. The system delivers pre-measured flat sheets of paper towel ready to use, minimising the risk of cross contamination as only the paper is touched not the dispenser. This low maintenance mechanical dispenser can fit almost all types of paper rolls – 1ply, 2ply, 3ply.

By default, the Modular hand towel dispensers come with a blue window. However, a set of coloured windows and branding options enable full product customisation to match a company's brand. These features are available for the entire Modular range.


  • Mechanical autocut dispenser (click for image)
  • One of the smallest autocut units in the market that runs standard size paper towel rolls
  • Low pull force - the 0.5kgf pull strength allows the use of a low grammage paper without tabbing
  • The smallest drying service (pre-measured towel sheet length) in the market - 9"
  • The cutting blade is made of a special compound which re-sharps itself every time it cuts the paper
  • The cutting mechanism can be easily extracted for cleaning and maintenance
  • Choice of window colours
  • Branding available

Technical Specifications

Variants Dimensions Weight Material Capacity Max Branding Box size Carton Qty Pallet Qty
Compact 13" x 12.3" x 8.5" 5 lbs ABS cover, window & backplate Maximum roll diameter 7.7", Standard roll width 8", Minimum core diameter 1.45" 1 1/5" x 2 3/4" TBC TBC TBC

Available media for download

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