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Stainless steel soap dispenser

The Mercury soap dispenser is classy and modern. Its stainless steel finish will bring any washroom a touch of luxury. It is the ideal soap dispenser for high-end facilities, such as stylish hostels or trendy restaurants & lounge bars.

The Mercury soap dispenser is highly versatile thanks to the interchangeability of its pumps and containers which also fit in the Modular soap dispensers. With this feature - exclusive on the market - the distribution of soap dispensers becomes diversified and flexible.

Branding options are available for the addition of a company's logo to the soap dispenser.


Technical Specifications

Variants Dimensions Weight Material Capacity Liquid Pump
900ml (30oz) 10" x 5" x 5" 1.3 lbs ABS cover/backplate, PET Windows. Stainless Steel coverplate disposable pouch 800ml (27oz)
refillable reservoir 900ml (30oz)
2ml (0.06oz)

Spray Pump Foam Pump Institutional Pump Max Branding Box Size Carton Qty Pallet Qty
0.5ml (0.01oz) 20ml (0.7oz) foam
0.6ml (0.02oz) liquid
1ml (0.03oz) 1" 1/5 x 1" 1/5 10" 1/5 x 5" x 5" 40 248

Available media for download

Accessories and services

We offer our clients the option to distribute our products under their own company's name thanks to our internal branding facility.

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Pumps and containers are fully interchangeable to allow any type of chemical to be dispensed from a refillable container or a disposable pouch.

Contact us for more information.

We offer a free chemical compatibility test to ensure that your soap, paper or chemicals dispensers are supplied with the most suitable components.

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Some of our products have an exclusivity option. Unique pin positions or access codes lock the dosing equipment to your chemical.

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