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Soap dispensers

Solid, reliable & stylish wall mounted soap dispensers

The Modular range includes three wall mounted soap dispensers of different sizes, 400ml (13.5 oz), 900ml (30oz) and the industrial 2L (0.5gal). Highly versatile, they are made of the same unique mechanism as they come with a variety of interchangeable pumps and containers, reducing distribution constraints and enabling easy upgrading from one product to the other. This specificity also allows any type of chemicals to be dispensed from a refillable container or a disposable pouch, allowing greater flexibility in terms of chemical selection.

Pumps & containers are also interchangeable with the Mercury soap dispenser.

The Modular wall mounted soap dispensers come with a blue window by default. However, a set of colored windows and branding options enable full product customization to match a company's brand. These features are available for the entire Modular range.


Pumps and Containers

Choose the right soap dispenser for your needs

Step 1: the pump

Type of chemical
Foam soap, liquid, spray, cream, desinfectant, beaded hand gel - there is a soap dispenser pump for any type of chemical.

Pump options

Step 2: the container & the size

Three sizes of soap dispensers and various containers are available to match all kinds of usage and all levels of hygiene. Mix and match pumps and containers to fit your needs.

Container options

You have not found what you are looking for?
Ask us about our disposable bottles or enquire about a bespoke design.

Step 3: the style

All Modular soap dipensers work with the same interchangeable pump and container system. Choose the size and type that fits your needs and customise your soap dispenser with the window color of your choice.Window colours


Technical Specifications

Variants Dimensions Weight Material Capacity Liquid pump Spray pump
Small 7 1/2" x 3 3/4" x 4" 0.6 lbs ABS cover and window, glass filled polypropylene backplate refillable reservoir 400ml (13.5oz) 2ml (0.03oz) 0.5ml (0.01oz)
Standard 10" x 4 3/4" x 4 3/4" 1.3 lbs ABS cover and window, glass filled polypropylene backplate disposable pouch 800ml (27oz)
refillable reservoir 900ml (30oz)
institutional pouch 800ml (27oz)
2ml (0.03oz) 0.5ml (0.01oz)
Large/industrial 12 1/4" x 5 3/4" x 5 3/4" 1.9 lbs ABS cover and window, glass filled polypropylene backplate disposable pouch 1.8L (61oz)
refillable reservoir 2L (0.5gal)

Foam pump Institutional pump Industrial pumps Max branding Box size Carton qty Pallet qty
20ml (0.7oz) foam
0.6ml (0.02oz) liquid
1 1/2" x 1 3/4" 1" x 2/5" x 1/2" 60 600
20ml (0.7oz) foam
0.6ml (0.02oz) liquid
1ml (0.03oz) 2 1/3" x 2 1/2" 1" x 1/2" x 2/5" 40 320
2ml (0.07oz) - liquid soap
3ml (0.1oz) - beaded non-solvent
3ml (0.1oz) - beaded solvent
3ml (0.1oz) - pumice
4" x 4" 1" x 2/3" x 2/3" 18 144

Available media for download

Accessories and services

We offer our clients the option to distribute our products under their own company's name thanks to our internal branding facility.

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Pumps and containers are fully interchangeable to allow any type of chemical to be dispensed from a refillable container or a disposable pouch.

Contact us for more information.

We offer a free chemical compatibility test to ensure that your soap, paper or chemicals dispensers are supplied with the most suitable components.

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All Modular soap & paper dispensers can be customised with a range of coloured windows to fit the environment and match your brand.

Contact us for more information.

Some of our products have an exclusivity option. Unique pin positions or access codes lock the dosing equipment to your chemical.

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