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Wet wipe dispenser

Wet wipe dispenser

Solid and clever, the Modular wet wipe dispenser has been designed to dispense one wet wipe at a time, while keeping the remaining stock as fresh as new. The automatic closure fits perfectly to the neck provided for wetwipe packs, preventing wipes from drying out. Mounted on a wall, this static cleaning station also keeps the workplace tidy and locks away the stock of wetwipes.

By default, the Modular wet wipe dispenser comes with a blue window. However, a set of coloured windows and branding options enable full product customisation to match a company's brand. These features are available for the entire Modular range.

High annual MOQs apply. Contact a member of the Brightwell Dispensers Inc Business Development team to discuss your business care.



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We offer our clients the option to distribute our products under their own company's name thanks to our internal branding facility.

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All Modular soap & paper dispensers can be customised with a range of coloured windows to fit the environment and match your brand.

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