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Hand sanitizing for high traffic environments

SANiDOSE leaves behind the limitations of conventional hand sanitizer systems for a revolutionary new design that achieves consistent and reliable dosing of hand sanitizer. 

Automatic, touch-free dispensing is complemented by a unique delivery method that’s more advanced than anything else on the market. The mains-powered SANiDOSE is a unique hand sanitizer dispenser that does not rely on disposable pouches, cartridges or batteries and offers a capacity range of 3,000 to 50,000 doses, with models to suit every building from small independent cafes to international airports.

The versatile SANiDOSE can be customized with the color and logo of your choice, allowing the product to blend in seamlessly with its surroundings and become an integral part of your environment.


SANiDOSE is available with models to suit every building. You can download our product flyer (as a PDF) from here. Or get in touch with us to find out more