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Complete system for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces. Used by hygiene and cleaning professionals in numerous sectors such as agriculture, commercial kitchens, hospitals, food preparation facilities and many more.


  • 5L, 10L or 25L stainless steel canister holder (optional)
  • Various hose lengths are available (10m to 30m; 5m increments)
  • 3 or 4 wheeled stainless steel trolley available
  • Spray lances available in 25cm, 50cm and 110cm lengths


  • Dispenses one chemical
  • Robust and ergonomic design
  • Polypropylene moulded housing
  • Backflow prevention systems available for various countries (DC, CA, BA)
  • PVDF bypass venturi injector with integrated non-return valve
  • Available with Dinga and Ergo spray guns
  • Retractable hose reel available
  • Also available in a stainless steel version
  • The dispensers can be branded with your company name or logo

(Minimum order quantities apply.)

Technical Specifications

  •  5L, 10L or 25L stainless steel canister holder (optional)
  • Various hose lengths are available (32ft to 98ft; 16ft increments)
  •  3 or 4 wheeled stainless steel trolley available
  •  Spray lances available in 9 ¾ “, 19 ½ “ and 43 ¼ “ lengths
  • Minimum water pressure: 1.5 bar; maximum water pressure: 8 bar; max. suction height 2m
  • Dilution ratio is selected with supplied metering tips

Available media for download

Accessories and services

We offer our clients the option to distribute our products under their own company's name thanks to our internal branding facility.

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Stainless steel trolley with 3 or 4 wheels.

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This original Dinga spray gun is made with a shock- and scuff-resistant blue rubber casing which gives it a quality feel.

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Stainless steel can holder is available for 5L, 10L or 25L.

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Ergo Spray Gun with an ergonomic design for enhanced comfort.

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Spray lances available in 25cm, 50cm, or 110cm length.

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Hose Holder. 

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Various hose lengths are available: 10cm to 30m; in 5m increments.

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