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ECOSINK is a multiple product dispenser to dispense up to two chemicals into three compartment sinks for manual dishwashing in industrial kitchens. Choose from either a one chemical or two chemical model. ECOSINK is ASSE approved and available with BrightGap and AirGap backflow preventers.

As with all proportioners in the ECO RANGE, ECOSINK has been designed using Brightwell Dispensers' patented dilution technology allowing operators to select up to 13 independent dilution ratios per chemical.


  • Curvy, hygienic styling complementing all systems in the ECO RANGE
  • For use with hot or cold water supplyli>
  • ASSE 1055 approved Air-Gap and Bright-Gap backflow preventers (US requirement)
  • Simple twist and lock activation
  • Strong and robust construction using 1.2mm thick stainless steel
  • Branding options available


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