Brightwell Foam Range

Foam Cleaning Systems

Experience optimal cleaning and disinfecting
results with visible foam to ensure complete
coverage of easy application to all areas.

Visibly Effective Application For Any Environment

Our efficient and easy-to-use foam systems ensure all areas, even the hard-to-reach spots, are evenly coated with cleaning and disinfectant chemicals, stopping the spread of germs in any facility. Plus, the visible foam makes it easy to confirm exactly where the product has been applied. Maintaining a pristine environment is a key in all areas!


The Foam Range


EcoFoam Station 1 or 2 Chemicals


Our EcoFoamer is perfect for quickly and efficiently cleaning and disinfecting small to medium-sized surfaces. The foam makes it easy to visually confirm that every spot has been covered while increasing chemical contact time, ensuring a thorough cleaning every time. This portable foam cleaning system is widely used across various sectors, including commercial kitchens, veterinary, food preparation, hospitals, and more.

Made with durable polypropylene housing components, the EcoFoamer is built to last. It’s compatible with most types of foaming chemicals, whether they’re alkaline or acidic. With its ergonomically designed quick-connect foam gun featuring easy activation with a locking trigger and push-button release, it is designed for ease of use.


  • Easy cleaning of small and medium surfaces, saving time and effort
  • Foam nozzle spray pattern provides widespread coverage
  • Easily detach spray gun and attach wand for rinsing
  • High chemical compatibility from all components
  • Wide operating pressures from 22 PSI to 116 PSI
  • Container capacity options of 34 oz or 84 oz for larger areas
  • Standard with a 40-foot hose making it easy to move around and clean different areas (additional hose lengths available)
  • Optional wall bracket for easy storage

EcoFoam Station 1 or 2 Chemicals

Our foam cleaning and disinfecting station is the perfect solution for sectors with stringent hygiene standards. The dispensing of foam provides a visual confirmation of where the cleaning product has been applied to help ensure every area is treated. Cleaning with foam increases the chemical contact time, ensuring a complete cleaning every time, even in hard-to-reach areas.

We offer two different models to accommodate one or two chemicals for any cleaning and hygiene needs. The integrated rinsing option allows water only through the hose via a simple selector handle.

The system is quick and easy to use, requiring only a connection to an air supply and mains water. The system is made with a durable stainless-steel housing and incorporates backflow prevention to protect the water supply. The polypropylene venturi injector with an integrated non-return valve (standard EPDM, optional Viton) ensures that the system is safe and reliable to use.


  • Easy Cleaning of large areas with optional rinse, saving time and effort
  • Foam lance allows for targeted and widespread coverage
  • Metering tips provide accurate and consistent dilution ratios for your chemical
  • Standard with a 50-foot foam hose with an integrated air hose and diffuser
  • Wide operating pressures from 29 PSI to 80 PSI (water) and 29 PSI to 58 PSI (air)
  • Non-return valve options to suit your chemical (EPDM as standard, Viton optional)
  • Integrated backflow prevention to ensure the safety and cleanliness of your water supply
  • Optional wire racks to raise chemical from floor
  • Branding option available to promote company identity