Brightwell Nexus Range

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Nexus laundry dosing Systems

Nexus optimises operations, trims costs, and elevates
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The future of cleaning with Nexus dosing systems

Nexus transforms laundry dosing with advanced pump tech and IoT connectivity. It streamlines on-site laundry management, offering remote adjustments and precise chemical delivery. Customisable for single and multi-pump setups with branding options, Nexus trims maintenance costs with patented diaphragm pumps. Designed for efficiency and growth, it adds value to your customers. Nexus is the ultimate solution for optimised laundry operations, from convenience to cost-effectiveness.

The Nexus range

Nexus Laundry Dosing Pump

Nexus Laundry Dosing Pump

Nexus is a highly versatile smart system for laundry dosing management, featuring remote connectivity and reliable hardware. We offer different variations of Nexus, from 3 to 8 pump options for customizable chemical delivery.

Nexus ensures consistently accurate flow rates, utilizing chemical-resistant tubing and our patented diaphragm pump technology. With plug-and-play components, you can adjust the number of laundry dosing pumps to meet your specific needs without the need for reprogramming. This adaptability not only reduces site visits but also minimises downtime, thanks to remote data capture and program adjustments. 


  • Lower Cost in Use: Utilise remote data capture, program adjustments, and diagnostics to minimise site visits and downtime effectively 
  • Easy Installation: Nexus ensures a straightforward installation process, allowing you to get up and running quickly 
  • Customer Value: Deliver a consistent, high-quality laundry experience to your customers with Nexus 
  • Remote Connectivity: Enjoy convenience by monitoring and managing Nexus remotely. 
  • Security: Nexus prioritises data and system security with Microsoft Azure protection 
  • Cloud Connected: Access valuable data insights through Nexus’ cloud connection to inform your decisions 
  • Chemical Resistant Tubing: Slash maintenance costs with Nexus’ chemical-resistant tubing 
  • Reduced Site Visits: Minimise emissions with Nexus, reducing the need for frequent site visits 
  • Flexible Programming: Customise wash programs with auto control or formula selects, offering up to 20 different options 
  • Remote Data Capture: Easily capture and filter data by site or customer with Nexus 
  • Ancillary Accessories: Full range of accessories tailored to your installation needs, including a flush manifold for safe chemical dilution and flushing, and a Formula Select for easy maintenance.