Customize, Connect, Control
The Future of Laundry Care

The all-in-one dispensing system with advanced low-maintenance
pump technology, seamless IoT connectivity, remote
communication and full program customization. 

Nexus, The Smart Laundry
Dispensing System

Nexus transforms laundry dispensing with its patented diaphragm pump
and IoT connectivity, simplifying on-site laundry management.
Engineered for efficiency and growth, Nexus enhances customer value
and optimizes laundry operations by providing valuable data insights
and ensuring precise chemical delivery.


Nexus Laundry Dispensing System

Versatile laundry dispensing system, with remote connectivity, customizable pump options from 3 to 8, and accurate flow rates with patented pump technology.

Diaphragm Pump Technology

IoT Remote Monitoring

Remote Data Insights

Diaphragm Pump Technology

Experience consistently accurate flow rates with Nexus, as it employs chemical-resistant patented diaphragm pump technology. With low to zero maintenance and no peristaltic tube changes required, Nexus reduces the need for frequent and distant onsite service visits.

Nexus, The Future of Laundry Care

Data Security
Cloud Insights
Easy Installation
and Set Up


Nexus app

Our Nexus app will allow you to connect to your units via Bluetooth or USB and make changes to the settings, create and modify programs and run usage reports. Allowing for quick and easy setup of your units in the field on most Windows, Android or iOS devices. Through the app, you can edit configurations and run reports.

Nexus formula select

The Nexus Formula Select module is a key washing machine accessory, offering convenient program selection with a backlit screen to prevent errors. Attached to the laundry machine's front, it enables easy maintenance, allowing users to disable or prime pumps, even in limited access scenarios.

Laundry Flush Manifold

Designed for Nexus units and beyond, it is a highly versatile optional accessory ensuring chemical delivery utilizing water pressure, the manifold efficiently delivers chemicals over long distances.

Suction Lance

Our suction lances allow you to safely manage your chemical usage. When connected to a compatible dosing system or our Low Level Chemical Alarm module, a buzzer will sound when the chemical reaches a critically low level.