Safety And Precision With
Our Chemical Dilution

Our chemical dilution systems provide the highest
cleaning and hygiene standards, while being safe,
accurate and easy to use.

The EcoMini and EcoShot Range

Elevate your cleaning and hygiene processes with our EcoMini and EcoShot range. These specialized chemical dosing systems are designed to flawlessly dose a single type of chemical, ensuring unmatched cleaning power and precise results. With a focus on safety, user-friendliness, and sustainability, our systems provide a secure and efficient solution that minimizes waste and maximizes savings. Upgrade today and experience the perfect combination of excellence and sustainability.

EcoShot Manual Dispenser (Angled) with branding

The EcoMix Range

Upgrade your chemical dilution operations with the EcoMix range and unlock a new level of versatility, compliance, and sustainability. Experience precision dosing of up to two different chemicals while ensuring the highest standards of safety and regulatory compliance. Elevate your efficiency and environmental responsibility with the EcoMix range today.