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What’s the difference between spray and foam?

18 February 2020

Brightwell Dispensers has recently added spray and foam dispensers to their product offering. Below you find a quick overview of which system to choose from, based on your requirements. Both systems are robust and efficient, designed for the cleaning and disinfection of surfaces.

The Benefits of Spray Systems

Spraying systems are used by hygiene and cleaning professionals across a range of industries to clean and disinfect surfaces. Easy to use with an integrated venturi system, effective results are achieved without the need for trigger spray bottles. The system works to dilute the chemical whilst effectively covering surfaces with the spray. The ECOSPRAY stations are available with either a Dinga or Ergo gun, however, the ECOSPRAYER comes with a handheld pistol with a rotating connector.

Our offering includes the following products:


Dinga or Ergo?

You may be wondering what the difference is between the two guns that are compatible with the spraying stations. The Ergo spray gun has an ergonomic design to support comfort during use. The Dinga gun is made with a shock and scuff-resistant rubber casing, which gives it an alternative in-hand feel. It is down to the personal preference of the user as to what gun to use.


The Benefits of Foam Systems

Similar to spray systems, foam is used by hygiene and cleaning professionals across a range of industries for cleaning and disinfectant purposes. The difference between the two is that whilst using foam, you are visibly able to see which area has been treated with the product and contact time is increased as foam sticks to surfaces.  

Our offering includes the following products:

Find Out More

To find out more about the systems or to talk to a member of the team at Brightwell Dispensers based on your business requirements, contact us today or view the full spray and foam range here.