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ECOSINK, a sleek, modern and reliable Sink Station dispenser for your manual warewashing needs

18 September 2018

ECOSINK is a robust venturi system designed to dispense up to two chemicals into three compartment sinks for manual warewashing in industrial kitchens. It has been designed using Brightwell Dispensers’ pateneted dilution pin technology. Choose from either a one chemical or two chemical model. Dual water inlet option allows for supply of both hot and cold water within one system.

ECOSINK is ASSE approved and available with BrightGap and AirGap backflow preventers.

Key features and benefits of the ECOSINK system

Feature: Attractive & durable stainless steel cover
Advantage: Modern and clean appearance that your customers will appreciate, and high grade stainless steel that is extremely sturdy with a premium look and feel.

Feature: Brightwell exclusive dilution pin-wheel and no-splash venturi port
Advantage: Not only eliminates the need to purchase and carry metering tips, but also prevents water hardness build up on metering device, so less service is required. Also, product delivery is more consistent.

Feature: Ergonomic on & off valve handles with easy-turn technology
Advantage: Ensures proper dilution and consistent product performance because the valves can be turned to the fully ON or OFF positions with minimal effort. Other units on the market use off the shelf ball valves which are difficult for the end use customer to use.

Feature: 20,000 cycle on & off valves
Advantage: Eliminates costly service calls to replace leaking valves and extends the useful life of the dispenser. Up to 10 x more cycles than competitor units.

Feature: One piece water inlet assembly (2-product single inlet only)
Advantage: High reliability and reduced cost of ownership.Other units on the market use a two piece inlet assembly which has the potential to leak over time.

Feature: Built for serviceability
Advantage: Unit has a built-in level for faster installation. Six mounting holes to choose from for faster and easier installation. Unit can be serviced by removing one or two Philips head screws and without removing the On & Off valve handles. Change between BrightGap and AirGap in seconds and without tools. Change between 1 gpm and 4 gpm venturi’s in seconds and without tools.

Get in touch for more information about our ECOSINK dispenser.