Brightlogic 2 High Flow

The BrightLogic 2 high flow is a laundry dosing system available in configurations from 1 to 10 pumps.

Suitable for both intelligent and non-intelligent machines up to 220 lbs.

2 Pump3 Pump4 Pump5 Pump6 Pump7 Pump8 Pump9 Pump10 Pump
(H x W x D)
11.25″ x 14.5″ 5.31″11.25″ x 21.85″ x 5.31″11.25″ x 28.75″ x 5.31″11.25″ x 36″ x 5.31″11.25″ x 42.91″ x 5.31″11.25″ x 50.19″ x 5.31″11.25″ x 57.09″ x 5.31″11.25″ x 64.37″ x 5.31″11.25″ x 71.25″ x 5.31″
Weight7.71 lbs.14.33 lbs.16.31 lbs.18.30 lbs.26.5 lbs.28.66 lbs.30.87 lbs.33.07 lbs.35.27 lbs.
Current at 240V0.28A0.42A0.55A0.7A0.85A0.97A1.08A1.22A1.36A
Technical Specifications
Voltage/Frequency100-240V AC, 50-60Hz
Signal Supply12-240V AC or DC, Opto-isolated
OutputsFlush Valve 24V DC, 1.25A (10W) max
Buzzer/Lamp 24V DC 500Ma, (10W) max
Flowrate285ml – 870ml per/min*
Tube OptionsSilicone
MotorBrushless 24V DC, 600mA
EnclosurePolypropylene, IP45
Installation KitAvailable on request
AccessoriesFormula Select Module
Manifold (4/6 way)
Pump Modules
Low Level Alarm
Suction Wands
ApprovalsCE, UL
Warranty2 years
Technical specifications
Brightlogic Unit
Mounting Kit
Quickstart Guide
Formula Select (optional)
In the box
WH# (number of pumps)Brightlogic High Flow Unit
Part Numbers

*with water and 10mm BrightChem tube