Introducing Nexus – Transforming Laundry Management

Our New Smart Laundry Dispensing System

Transform your laundry operation with Nexus, the intelligent dispensing system that takes control and efficiency to the next level. Nexus combines cutting-edge connectivity with a powerful, user-friendly system to deliver precise chemical dosing for every laundry need.

Ideal for on-premise and commercial laundries 

Nexus is the ideal dispensing system for both on-premises and commercial laundries, regardless of size. Our scalable design offers configurations with 3 to 8 pumps, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific needs. With a wide range of adjustable flow rates, from 10 to 50 oz per minute, Nexus is the single solution for washers ranging from 20 to 500 lbs. Whether you manage a small laundromat or a large facility, Nexus streamlines the laundry process.

Built to last and minimize downtime 

Nexus keeps laundries running smoothly with its latest diaphragm pump technology. These patented pumps deliver accurate and consistent chemical flow rates, while the chemical-resistant materials and elimination of squeeze tubes ensure long-lasting performance and reduce the need for service visits.

Boost your chemical sales and customer satisfaction  

Nexus creates a win-win for you and your customers. By offering Nexus along with high-quality washing chemicals, you provide your customers with a powerful tool to: 

Optimize chemical usage and accurate chemical dosing: 

Manual dosing often leads to overfills and wasted chemicals. Nexus puts an end to this with its precise, automated IoT dispensing system. This ensures your customers use the exact amount of detergent for every wash, maximizing efficiency and minimizing waste. 

Informed decisions and stronger sales:

Nexus empowers you and your customers with valuable insights on chemical usage. This allows you to track consumption, identify areas for optimization, and make data-driven decisions about their detergent purchases. This translates to significant cost savings for your customers, making your products even more attractive.

The benefits of remote connectivity:

Remote connectivity provides the chance to gather reports and insights into your Nexus regardless of your location.

Nexus offers consistent performance with remote connectivity, security from Microsoft Azure, and precise delivery of laundry detergent.

Using the app and portal can report back from multiple machines, informing engineers and others of diagnostics, and usages while getting reports from specific days and full cycle runs.

The combination of advanced connectivity and diaphragm pump technology reshapes our approach to chemical delivery in the laundry sector.

Nexus offers cost-effectiveness, reduced site visits, and uninterrupted service. The remote connectivity, security features, and cloud-connected insights underscore Nexus’s dedication to efficiency, convenience, and data-driven decisions.

Choose Nexus for a smarter and more effective approach.

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