How do I connect chemical and prime my Nexus system?

A short article on how to connect fresh chemical to your Nexus unit and prime the pumps to get your unit ready to use.

Step 1

Connect the threaded pipe to the pump Inlet and Outlet connectors.

Step 2

The left side pipe (when facing the unit) is the Inlet that should be placed in the chemical. The right side is the Outlet to the Machine Inlet.

Step 3

Ensure that the chemical is located NO FURTHER THAN 2 METRES away from the pump for optimal performance.

Step 4

Once you have all the inlet and outlet tubes connected correctly, you will need to Prime the pumps to get the chemical ready for delivery. To do this, press the Prime button on the main keypad.

Step 5

Select the pump you wish to prime using the UP and DOWN arrows. Then PRESS and HOLD the MIDDLE button to PRIME.

Step 6

Continue to PRIME the pump until the chemical has travelled up the inlet pipe and into the pump. Only stop when you start to see chemical flowing out of the outlet pipe, this confirms that there is an airtight seal.

Step 7

Once you have completed the calibration for all the pumps you can attach zip ties to the pipes.

Step 8

It is recommended to remove any excess using wire clippers.

Connecting chemical
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– How do I connect chemical chemical and prime my Nexus unit

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