Nexus Glossary

A short list of all terminology used on the Nexus system.

Signal Acceptance

Length of time that a signal must be present on an Input before it is acknowledged.

Flush Valve

24V DC output to control a Flush Solenoid (maximum 36W). This output is active throughout the operation of any pump that is associated with that particular Flush Manifold.

Delay Time

Adjustable time period between a signal being acknowledged and a pump beginning its operation.


Adjustable time period for which a pump will operate.


The volume of product which is required to be dosed into a wash cycle by each pump.


Signal number that a pump is to operate on. Pulse counter returns to zero when the unit resets.

Reset Delay

Adjustable time period at the end of the wash cycle before the dispenser resets. The Reset Delay begins after the operation of the final pump (ie: Pump 8, on an 8-pump unit).


Operational mode allowing the pumps to run as if they were directly driven from the input signals.

Safety Stop

A sensor input used to detect the flow of water through a Flush Manifold.

Cycle Counters

Provides a record of the number of cycles and length of time that has been completed by each pump and program.

Pump Stop

Switch the pumps off in case of failure and to prevent operation during maintenance.


A trigger signal from the machine to notify of changes in cycle state.


Input connector for signal coming in from the machine.


Indicates the pulse signal coming in from the machine.

Machine Interrupt

Signal sent in from the machine to interrupt the unit of a change in state.

Auto Formula Select

For Nexus units that do not have a Formula Select module. Allowing signals to be sent from the Laundry Machine to select a specific program by either timed signals or based on this binary list.

Common Neutral

The common neutral connector for wiring trigger signals.

Isolated Neutral

The isolated neutral connector for wiring trigger signals.

Trigger Signal

The incoming signals from the washing machine.


When a pump is primed to draw the chemical up to the drum in preparation for running a program.

Total Wash Cycles

The sum of cycles a wash program has run on a Nexus unit.

Unit of Measurement

The unit that the programs calculate delivery of chemical. It can be ML, M:S, Grams and Fl. Oz


The inlet for the pump where chemical is drawn up.


The outlet for the pump where chemical is distributed.

Machine Inlet

The outlet for the pump where chemical is distributed.

Firmware Version

Is the firmware version installed on your Nexus unit.

Serial Number

The unique identifier number for your Nexus unit.

Flush Time

The time the flush valve will remain open during delivery time.

View Mode

Sets the unit to View Mode only. So changes cannot be made directly on the unit, only via the App or Portal.

Prime Mode

Enable or disable the ability to prime the pumps.

Pump Stop Mode

Enable or disable the ability to stop pumps via the unit.

Usage Report

A report that displays the run data for the unit.

Formula Select Module

A device that allows you to select programs and run basic functionality on the Nexus unit.

Reconfigure System

Used when there is a change to the hardware or setup of the Nexus unit.

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