Smart Laundry Dispensing with Nexus: Remote Access and Reporting

Nexus is Brightwell’s newest laundry dispensing system. It uses remote access and reporting via Bluetooth or an app which helps workers with the speed and quality of the wash, resulting in minimized downtime and reduced chemical waste with the unit’s precise dosing.

Versatility of Nexus:

Beyond its adaptable configurations, including the number of pumps and a wide range of adjustable flow rates, the Nexus system offers versatility in laundry operations through its smart systems specifically designed for precise dosing management. Users can tailor settings to suit specific laundry needs, whether it’s adjusting detergent concentrations, altering cycle times or adding accessories for extra benefits.

This flexibility ensures that Nexus integrates into varying operational environments. The nature of Nexus makes it simple to tailor the system precisely to unique requirements. As a result, businesses can achieve greater efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction.

nexus laundry dosing

Remote access and reporting:

One of the key features of Nexus is its remote connectivity. Providing the power for businesses to monitor and manage laundry operations from anywhere, either through the app or on-site Bluetooth devices. This feature assists on-site laundry management, as it allows for remote adaptations while guaranteeing precise chemical delivery. The need for frequent site visits is significantly reduced, which cuts down on overall costs.

Advantages of using Nexus:

  • Easy to set up- The Nexus unit is simple and easy to set up, with added support from our guides found on our website here and also on our YouTube.
  • Safety and reliability- Feel comfortable relying on Nexus for secure and efficient laundry operation, backed by Microsoft Azure data security, which protects all sensitive information from being shared.
  • Accessories – Nexus can be sold with a formula select, which enables easy maintenance. A flush manifold ensures chemical delivery by utilizing water pressure. Also, a suction lance, allows you to safely manage your chemical usage. All can be found here

If you are interested in learning more about our Nexus unit and its unique pump system. Contact our sales team at either:

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